Food safe ceramic ware, glassware etc safety and compliance testing for UK/EU (BS6748, Council directives 1935/2004EC, 2005/31EC and 84/500EEC) 

Ceramic ware, glass ceramic ware and vitreous enamelware intended to come into contact with food are governed by council directives 2005/31EC and 84/500/EEC for complying with the framework regulations 1935/2004EC as amended, and implemented in UK 
The regulations include glass bottles and jars used as food packaging materials. 
Items can be assessed against the requirements of BS6748 for demonstrating compliance with ceramic ware regulations 
At present, only lead and cadmium are officially regulated. However, revision of directive 84/500/EEC is being proposed, which if adopted, will significantly reduce the threshold limits, lead by 400 times and cadmium by 60 times. Our testing covers screening of lead, cadmium and other metals such as cobalt, chromium, copper, etc which is also proposed in the revised ceramic ware etc. directive 
Items are classified in any of 3 applicable categories. The majority of ceramic/tableware such as plates, saucers, bowls, cups, mugs, teapots etc. fall within Category 1 or 2, see below: 
Flat ware 
Hollow ware 
Packaging, storage cookware 
Contact us to find out how our totally independent service can protect your business by ensuring your products comply with food safe ceramic ware / glassware regulations. 
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