Silicone Food Contact Materials/Items 

Plastics regulation 10/2011EU as amended, does not define silicones as polymers. Currently, specific directive/regulation is not in place for silicon items such as tongs, cupcake cases, whisks etc, intended to come into contact with food. 
However, it should be noted that all materials and articles in contact with food must comply with the framework directive 1935/2004EC as amended before placing the items in UK/EU. 
Compliance is evaluated for parameters such as overall migration, specific metal release, extractable materials, VOC etc using commission regulations 10/2011EU as amended, as well as other established regulations and guidelines such as LFBG, BfR and AP Resolution 
At the Northern Testhouse, we have the capability of testing industry accepted parameters. 
At the Northern Testhouse, we have the expertise of performing silicon ware testing including extractable materials, volatile materials and total tin release. 
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