Food Contact Materials (MACF/FCM) 

Food safe products and contact materials 

Food safe plastic products such as kitchen utensils, sports bottles etc that come into contact with food must not transfer materials into the food that affect its taste or quality. 
To make sure this doesn't happen, the products must be rigorously tested. During testing, the product is exposed to a range of food simulants at high temperatures and over long periods of time 
In EU, materials and articles in contact with food regulations are governed by the framework regulation EC1935/2004 as amended, outlining specific regulations where these exist and products without harmonised standards. 

Specific Regulations 

Currently, sector specific regulations exist for: 
Plastics, EU10/2011 
Ceramics, EC85/500 
Regenerated Cellulose, 2007/42EC 


Northern Testhouse (Leicester) Ltd performs comprehensive testing to meet the requirements of commission regulations 10/2011EU as amended covering: 
Overall migration 
Specific metal release 
Specific monomer release 
Heavy metal release 
Sensory testing 

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