Toy Safety (EN71) Testing

Toy Safety is crucial! Children’s safety is vital for every toy company to ensure children’s safety and protect company reputation and for giving consumer confidence in buying safe toys.

The Northern Testhouse (Leicester) Ltd, see our UKAS scope for details, performs a wide range of toy testing to the following series of European Standards:

EN71 Part1

—Applies to physical and mechanical properties of toys. Our inspection covers key requirements such sharp points, sharp edges, small parts, plastic bag thickness etc

EN71 Part2

—Applies to flammability of toys. All toys must meet general requirements prohibiting cellulose nitrate type materials, highly flammable materials etc (some exclusions exists). In addition, strict flame rates and or ignition time apply for soft toys, disguise costumes, toys which can be entered, beards, moustaches, wigs.

EN71 Part3

—Applies to migration of 17 heavy metals. Significant changes in this revised standard are toxicity testing of 9 additional elements such as cobalt, zinc, aluminium etc previously not covered in the withdrawn standard, 3 material classification categories, lower limits for certain heavy metals as well as requirements for chromium (VI) and organic tin.

Most materials fall within Category III. Depending on technique used, chromium (VI) and organic tin determinations are not necessary if initial screen testing prove negative for chromium and tin.

The Northern Testhouse routinely performs testing to this standard at a fast responsive service at competitive rates. Our services include assessment for essential safety requirements for the revised Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC published in 2009.


Other International Toy Safety Standards

For US toxicity requirements are governed by ASTM F963, for Australia, New Zealand etc, by ISO-8124 Part3

The Northern Testhouse (Leicester) is CPSIA accredited for total lead as well migration of heavy metals for both standards and can undertake testing for assessing compliance for relevant markets.