Food Contact (EN1186) Testing

Materials and articles in contact with food regulations (MACF)

The EU plastic materials and articles in contact with food are regulation by Commission regulations 10/2011(EC) as amended, “replacing” the familiar EU directive 2002/72 EU.


Overview of Commission regulations 10/2011(EC) as amended

  • Plastics definition – excludes silicone
  • Control and use of permitted raw materials
  • Organoleptic properties —-food contact articles must not transfer materials , affecting quality and taste of food
  • Overall migration (OM) determined using appropriate simulants, temperature conditions and exposure periods.
  • In accordance with Annex V, Tables 1,2 & 3, the highest temperature and contact periods are applied
  • Expression of results, mg/dm² or mg/kg as appropriate
  • Specific metal release
  • Specific monomer release as applicable
  • Restricted phthalates (directives 2007/19/EC and 2008/39/EC)


Food Type Previous Current
Aqueous foods Distilled Water (Simulant A) 10% Ethanol (Simulant A)
Acidic foods 3% Acetic Acid (Simulant B) 3% Acetic (Simulant B)
Alcoholic foods 10% Ethanol (Simulant C) 20% Ethanol (Simulant C)
Semi Fatty foods 50% Ethanol (Simulant D) 50% Ethanol (Simulant D1)
Fatty foods Olive oil/substitutes (Simulant D) Vegetable oil (Simulant D2)
Dry foods Not required/specified MPPO (Simulant E)


Overall Migration, EN1186

We conduct overall migration testing based on EN1186. This standard has a series of 15 parts, describing various suitable techniques as well as use of substitute simulants for determining overall migration for items intended to come into contact with fatty foods
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